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DS Lockbox
a Personal Information Manager

If you are like most people, you have information that is extremely important to you. And like most people, that important information is probably scattered across any number of notepads, yellow stickies and computer files or disks. 'DS Lockbox' is designed to be your centralized warehouse for all of that information.
It is stardate 3744 and the Federation is being attacked by Klingon invasion force. As captian of the Federations Starship Enterprise, it is your mission to find and destroy the enemy forces before time runs out. Harken back to the early days of computers, when computer games were text based, and the StarTrek television show was still new.

So board the USS Enterprise™ and take command, defend the galaxy from the merciless invaders

XjPrint - for Xojo™
Print syntax colored source code.

Avaliable for both OSX and Windows
Requires a RealStudio/Xojo license to save projects in VCP format.
calcDS is the perfect calculator for just about anyone, from simple add/subtract/multiply and divide, to complex scientific, geometry and algebra calculations. calcDS does them all, including hexidecimal, octal and binary math.
TreeView Control - for Xojo™
A custom treeview control.

Source code avaliable for both OSX and Windows

gPDF Control - for Xojo™
Create Adobe™ PDF files using common XOJO graphics syntax..

Source code avaliable for both OSX and Windows


Note : All programs require a INTEL based Apple MacIntosh Computer, unless otherwise noted.
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