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DS Lockbox

By IveBeenThinking Software

A Personal Information Security Manager



DataSafe Lockbox - Protect your sensitive information DS Lockbox is a application designed to keep all of your important personal information in one secure location, making it easier to find and to protect.  DS Lockbox is currently available only for the APPLE® Operating system (OSX Mountain Lion and Maverick), and will soon be available for Microsoft® Windows (Win7) as well.  The screen shots presented here are as they would appear in Apple's OSX®..;however, the Windows version will look quite similar.

If you are like most people, you have important information all over the place.  On yellow stickies, scraps of paper, the back of a napkin.  And like most people, you would like to be able to find that information quickly and easily, and above all insure that it is private and protected.

DS Lockbox is designed to be your centralized warehouse for all of that information.  Giving you a single place to enter it, update it, and most importantly, to find it.  And best of all, that information can be encrypted so that private information stays private.   And 'DS Lockbox' goes way beyond simply keeping track of passwords.... it manages bank accounts, website information, medical data, your home inventory and much much more.  DS Lockbox consists of a number of pre-defined categories to make it easier to immediately start entering your important data.  The Category Selection Screen is simple and resembles a filing system so you do not waste any time getting to the category that you want.

Each category is designed so that fields are provided for the most relevant and important data, with an additional notes field that you can enter an unlimited amount of text.  The notes field supports bold , Italic , Underline and Colored text.

What's New in this Version

  • Added Health Monitoring for Diabetics

Download Links

DS Lockbox for OSX contact
DS Lockbox for Windows 7 contact


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UpdatedMar 29,2015
Mac OS X 10.8 or later
Windows7 or later

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