XjPrint for XOJO™ Desktop

Latest build:
Release date:
March 11, 2014
Supported Platforms:
Windows 7

XjPrint for XOJO is a standalone application that supports XOJO projects on both the Apple OSX™ and Microsoft Windows™ platforms.

Note: XjPrint currently supports only projects saved as a Version Control Project (VCP) and therefore cannot be
used with the FREE IDE version of XOJO.  Future versions of XjPrint may support the XML and/or Binary project formats.  **XjPrint may NOT fully document all aspects of an iOS project **


XjPrint for XOJO enables you to produce professionally styled color coded printouts of your project source code that are ideal to

  • Prepare your code for Code Reviews
  • Produce paper or electronic documentation of your Xojo source code
  • Locate bugs, and identify areas for improvement
  • Use samples of code in your proposals, technical briefs, and presentations
  • Impress your clients, managers, or colleagues with the professionalism of a XjPrint printout while explaining a certain point

Create your own style for all your project documentation. Once you've defined your own settings, everything you print will look consistent and professional - the way you want it.

Download 15 day Evaluation copy

XjPrint can be used for 15 days to allow you to evaluate it.  After that a lifetime license can be obtained for $19.95 per computer.

Click here for OSX version

Click here for Windows version

Sample Output

PDF Sample using angled brackets

PDF Sample using square brackets


  • Syntax Highlighting
    • Specify your own fonts, styles, and colors (or gray) to easily locate keywords, strings, comments, identifiers, and more
  • Line Numbering
    • Sequentially number each code line in a project, module, or by procedure
    • Perfect for code reviews
  • Headers and Footers
    • Page headers and footers can be configured to include project name, component name, project version, printed date, printed time and page numbers
  • Line Bracket Connections
    • Clearly see your code structure
    • Option to print square or rounded brackets
      Connects code blocks Try..Catch..Finally, If..Else..End If, For..Next, Select..Case..End Select, etc.
  • User Defined Indent
    • The source code can be printed with user defined indent value.
  • Selective printing
    • Print only the windows, modules and/or classes that you want
  • Export Output
    • Save the color highlighted and nicely indented printout as PDF document
    • Export to RTF (Word) and HTML may be added to future versions
  • Page Layout
    • Portrait or landscape, page borders, page margins
    • Paper sizes supported by your printer
    • Page headers and footers can include project name, printed date/time, XOJO version, as well as your custom text
    • Define fonts and font size
  • Procedure Index
    • Create a Index with information about procedure and page number where it is printed
  • Print Output Control
    • Print quality - draft, low, medium and high
    • Print source code with or without index.

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